Commissioner Larry Schoonmaker

Larry 2013Larry Schoonmaker’s involvement in water utilities all goes back to a neighbor, who suggested that Larry consider running as a commissioner because, as the neighbor put it, “you’ve got good business sense, you ask the right questions, and you’re always been able to explain things on a wide range of issues that are relevant to running a water district.”

Thanks to that neighbor, Larry has served as a water district commissioner for both Burien and Shoreline Water District these past seventeen years.

During this time, he’s worked to ensure the wise and prudent use of ratepayers’ money, established proactive emergency procedures, and continued to manage the ongoing upgrade of the water system via low interest loans. As a small business owner for over ten years, he knows the importance of honesty, open communications, and balanced leadership. As a Board Member of the Shoreline Chamber of Commerce, he understands how important it is to give back to the community in order to help it thrive and grow.

Larry sees his role as Commissioner to be all about finding a prudent balance between necessary system upgrades and maintaining affordable rates. No public utility can ignore an aging infrastructure for long; the District’s staff works hard to consider the big picture—whether it’s maintenance of valves or replacement of a leaky seal on a water main.

Larry is particularly proud of the programs that the Shoreline Water District has established to keep infrastructure in excellent condition, including three public private partnerships which will allow the District to complete their planned 10 year capital improvement program sooner than expected; completion of the administration building; and taking advantage of two low interest rate loans for significant system upgrades.

He is likewise committed maintaining the District’s involvement in a variety of community education programs such as the Fix a Leak Week Challenge with local elementary schools, attendance in several local fairs and gatherings, and ongoing community communications in the form of this website and blog, newsletter, social media, and special mailers.

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