New Accounts and Service Changes

New Account: for homeowners

If you have recently purchased a home in the North City Water District service area, please contact our office at 206.362.8100. In order to set up a new account, we will simply need the owner’s name and billing information as well as the date the house was purchased. All new accounts incur a one-time setup fee of $10.00. Homeowners, it is important that you keep current contact information on your account.

Home for rent smNew Account: for renters and tenants

You are responsible to check with your landlord and/or property owner to find out who s/he deems responsible for paying the water bill (you or the property owner), and where the current statement is being sent. If the statement is being mailed to the prior tenant, the property owner will need to file a “Request to Bill Non Owner” form (which can be downloaded from the Forms page of our website) in order to ensure uninterrupted billing and water service.

A $10 set up fee will be applied to your first bill. You will want to verify with the owner that all previous charges on the account have been paid.

Service Change: for landlords with new renters or tenants

If a property owner would like to have the water bill sent directly to a tenant or other person, the property owner must complete a form called “Request to Bill Non-Owner,” (which can be downloaded from the Forms page of our website). This process may incur a setup fee of $25, if it is the first time that the owner has requested the name on the account be changed. Shut off notices will still be sent to the property owner.

Regardless of where the statement is sent, any and all unpaid water service charges levied against a property are ultimately the responsibility of the property owner by law.

Home movers

Service Change: Moving or Selling

If you are moving or selling, please contact our office a minimum of one week prior to your move or sale closing date. This will allow us time to schedule a final meter reading and prepare your final bill. A meter reading fee of $25 will apply. When you call, have the following information ready to give to our staff:

  • Your account number
  • The closing date
  • The name of your escrow company
  • Your forwarding address