New Development

This section is intended to assist developers, contractors, consultants, homeowners, and property owners who are planning to undertake a project that requires a new water connection—regardless of how big or small the project may be.


  • Developers or property owners looking to add multiple dwelling units or commercial space (or both) on property they own or are considering purchasing.
  • Homeowners looking to rebuild their home.
  • Homeowners or property owners looking to subdivide their property to add one or more residences.

Step 1: Research the Connection

The first step requires identification of existing and potential water connections at the property in question.  To assist you in this research, the District maintains maps and as-built drawings of our water system, and urges applicants to schedule a meeting with us to discuss the potential project.

Step 2: Apply for Fire Flow Analysis

After you have researched the water connection, to move forward in the connection process, you must request a Fire Flow Analysis Request. View the District’s requirements for Fire Flow Analyses here: North City Water District Code Title 5 – Development, Chapter 2, Section C, and a link to the District’s form here. The current cost for the Fire Flow Analysis is $700.  The Fire Flow Analysis results provide additional information about the potential project’s impact on the District’s system and whether you will be required to construct improvements to mitigate those impacts.

If the results of the Fire Flow Analysis indicate the District’s existing system can provide adequate fire flow to the proposed development, the District will issue a Certificate of Water Availability.  Payment of any fees and charges will be required prior to actual connection to the system (see Step 5).

If the results of the Fire Flow Analysis indicate the District’s existing system can not provide adequate fire flow to the proposed development, the applicant may either (a) submit documentation to the District that the applicable fire district has approved the proposed development for fire protection or (b) enter into a water extension agreement with the District to achieve adequate fire flow (see Step 3).

Step 3: Water System Extension Agreement

If improvements will be required in order for the potential project to connect to our water system, we require the project applicant enter into a Water System Extension Agreement (WSEA) with the District.  Click here for a sample of this agreement.

Step 4: Understand our Construction Standards

Any new connection to our water system must meet North City Water District construction standards.  Construction CANNOT be started on a project until the project has been approved by the District and appropriate fees and charges have been collected in accordance with the WSEA. Downloadable copies of our construction standards documents are available here:

Step 5: Pay Applicable Charges and Fees

Before connecting to the District’s water system, all new connections must pay a connection charge authorized by State law. View our most recent Connection Charge Study here>.   Our current fees and charges are included here.

Step 6: Complete the Project

The project applicant is responsible for ensuring the project is constructed in accordance to the WSEA, applicable standards, and approved drawings. The project applicant is also responsible for completing and submitting to the District all final paperwork identified in the WSEA.

A project will not be accepted by the District as complete until all the fees and charges have been paid, the easements recorded (if required), and a Bill of Sale has been submitted to the District, along with all record drawings, as-built drawings, mylars, PDF drawings, and CAD drawings, as applicable.


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