Budget, Financial Statements and Audits

Annual Budgeting

North City Water District reviews the financial status of the water utility during the Fall season of each year and develops an annual budget for the upcoming year. Below are the documents from past and current Budget Review discussions which take place during our regularly scheduled Board of Commissioners’ meetings (held the first and third Tuesday of each month beginning at 3:00 pm).

Should you have additional questions or need further clarifications, feel free to contact our Finance Director Barb Shosten at barbs@northcitywater.org.

Please Note:  budget plans may be modified by the Board of Commissioners or staff depending on future interests or activities.

December 2014
2015 Adopted Budget and Rates

June 2015
2015 Mid-Year Budget at a Glance
2015 Mid-Year Financial Forecast

November 2015
2016 Demand Forecast Presentation
2016 Budget Presentation as of 11-17-15

December 2015
2016 Budget Presentation as of 12-01-15
2016 Adopted Budget and Rates

June 2016
2016 Mid-Year Budget at a Glance
2016 Mid-Year Financial Forecast

November 2016
2016 Water Revenue Bond Issuance Summary
2017-2018 Budget Presentation as of 11-15-16

December 2016
2017-2018 Budget presentation-12-6-16
2017-2018 Adopted Budget and 2017 Adopted Rates

June 2017
2017 Mid-Year Budget at a Glance
2017 Mid-Year Operating Summary

July 2018
2018 Mid-Year Budget at a Glance
2018 Mid-Year Operating Summary

November 2018
2019-2020 Budget presentation – 11-20-18
2019-2020 Budget presentation – 12-4-18
2019-2020 Adopted Budget and 2019 Adopted Rates

August 2019
2019 Mid-Year Budget at a Glance
2019 Mid-Year Operating Summary
2016-2030 Capital Plan Summary Update

November 2019
Moodys Report for North City Water District 9-17-2019
2020-2022 Budget Presentation – 11-19-19

December 2019
Cost of Service Review presentation – 12-3-19
2020-2022 Adopted Budget and 2020 Rates

July 2020
2020 Midyear Report Financial Plan – COVID 19 presentation 7-21-20

November 2020
2021-2023 Budget Presentation – 11-17-20

December 2020
2021-2023 Budget Document and 2021 Rates

Financial Statements and Audits

During the spring of each year, the District prepares annual Financial Statements reporting the financial activity that occurred between January 1st and December 31st of the previous year.

During the fall of each year, our Financial Statements are audited by the Washington State Auditor’s Office to ensure the District’s compliance with certain laws, regulations, contracts and its own internal policies. Once the audit is complete, our Financial Statements are posted below:

2019 Audit Report
2018 Audit Report
2017-2018 Accountability Audit
2017 Audit Report
2016 Audit Report
2015-2016 Accountability Audit Report
2015 Financial Statements and Federal Single Audit Report
2014 Audit Report
2013-2014 Accountability Audit Report
2013 Single Audit Report
2013 Audit Report
2012 Accountability Audit Report
2012 Audit Report
2011 Audit Report
2010 Audit Report
2009 Audit Report