Commissioner Ron Ricker

Ron 2013Ron has lived in Lake Forest Park since 1957. He recently retired from his family-owned business which he ran for over 30 years, although don’t be surprised if you still see him hanging around his automotive repair shop or service station.

Ron first became interested in the Water District in the early 1960’s which is when he began regularly attending District Board meetings. When there was a vacancy on the Board, he was appointed to fill that position and subsequently he ran and was elected to the Board.

Ron’s interest in water policy has led to his involvement on behalf of the District at the regional level where he has be working on long-term supply issues. In working for 10 years with Suburban Cities and the City of Seattle, he helped develop a regional water group.

Ron finds the work of the District compelling and rewarding. Ron says, “It lets me gain a lot of knowledge about something that most people take for granted. The complexities are fascinating. At first it was simple, now it’s anything but. It’s very complex. My long-range goal is to make decisions that will be in the best interest of the community.”

The rewards for Commissioner, he says are the ability to do something for the community, the camaraderie in working with others on issues of common interest and the intellectual challenge of making good, long-range decisions about water.

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