Your Water Meter

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In March of 2013, North City Water District’s Board of Commissioners initiated yet another improvement in the efficient delivery of drinking water by signing Resolution 2013.03.15: approving the purchase of new Sensus iPERL Electro-magnetic Flow water meters.

With the old meters, operations staff were required to physically read water meters on each and every customer’s service line. Once we are finished replacing the approximately 5,000 meters, the District will spend less than 1 day each month reading meters—giving us more time to focus on other maintenance needed in the system.

These new meters can be scanned for an electronic reading from up to 200 feet away… resulting in a faster process with significantly reduced safety risks to our staff.

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How to Locate Your Water Meter

It is important to know where your meter is before you are in an emergency situation. We also suggest you find your shut-off valve for your house or business. These valves are usually located just inside or outside the foundation where the water enters the house.

Your water meter is in a concrete or plastic box usually found in front of your home or business. In many cases, you will find the meter straight out from the house in-line with the faucet on the front of the house. Our crews have painted white lines on the street or curb in-line with the meter to allow them to find the meter quickly while meter reading.

If your meter is grouped with other meters for your neighbors, take your water bill with you to the meters and match the meter number on the bill with the number on the lid of the meter. If you are still unable to locate your meter, please call us at 206.362.8100 and we will send a technician out to assist you.

Keeping Your Meter Accessible

Please remember to keep your water meter readily accessible. Do not plant bushes that will eventually grow over it. Do not install landscape bricks, rocks, or retaining walls that block meter staff from easy access.

Accessibility not only enables the meter to be read by our employees, but also enables you to shut off your water in the event of a leak — a key factor in limiting the damages and costs associated with a water leak.