Current Projects

Ever since your Special Purpose Water District was founded in 1931, one of our guiding principles has been proactive infrastructure management.

By systematically improving our water system a little bit each year, this keeps everything in top form, and spreads out the cost to remain more affordable to ratepayers—rather than delaying maintenance and getting surprised with a massive problem and/or rate increase.

In keeping with this philosophy, we are poised to begin the following projects in 2023:

  • Bothell Way Crossing: redundant water service to the Sheridan Beach community
  • New Water Main Installations:
    • 18th Avenue NE — scheduled to take place after school is out for the summer, given its proximity to Kellogg Middle School
    • 3rd Avenue NE (aka the non-motorized trail)
  • Water Main Replacements:
    • 5th Avenue NE
    • NE 155th Street
    • NE 168th Street

Past Projects