Extreme Heat and Shut-Offs

North City Water District is committed to keeping our customers connected to essential services during extreme heat events. When such an event is imminent, customers who are on the shut off list or whose water service has already been shut off must contact the District to request reconnection.


In April 2023, a new state law was passed that specifically addresses utility shut offs during extreme heat events (ESHB1329). In accordance with this new law, residential customers of North City Water District who are on the shut off list or whose water service has already been shut off may request the District reconnect their water service for the duration of an extreme heat event.

How to Identify an Extreme Heat Event

The new state law has granted the National Weather Service the authority to identify what is classified as an extreme heat event. You can find their daily and near-future determinations by clicking here >

How to Request Reconnection During an Extreme Heat Event

Customers wishing to be reconnected during an extreme heat event must do the following:

  1. Contact the District during normal business hours at 206.362.8100.
  2. Complete a repayment plan and make a payment at least 6% of the customer’s monthly income, to turn the water back on.
  3. Provide proof of income that documents income collected by all members of the household. The approved types of proof of income are as follows:
    • Income Tax Return (1040)
      – Schedule 1
      – Schedule C
      – Schedule C-EZ
      – Schedule D
      – Schedule E
    • W2
    • 1099 Form
      – Int
      – R
      – Misc.
    • SSA 1099
    • Social Security Award Letter
    • DSHS Award letter
    • Child Support
    • Other Documentation, including __________

Should you have any questions, just give us a call at 206.362.8100.