Local Company Upgrading Telemetry System / SCADA

Telemetry screen

Over the next six months, Shoreline Water District will be working closely with a local Lynnwood engineering company to upgrade the portion of our existing telemetry system that is connected to five of our critical components—including Booster Station Numbers 1 and 2, Supply Station Numbers 1 and 3, and the District’s Headquarters. What is a telemetry system and what does it mean to you? We’re glad you asked!

A Telemetry System allows us to monitor and operate key components remotely. For example, one portion of the water system loses power, the telemetry system notifies District personnel and automatically turns on emergency back-up power for critical components that have onsite power.  The above photo illustrates one of the many comprehensive displays from our Telemetry System.

TSI logo
About the Local Contractor:
Technical Systems, Inc.

Shoreline Water District is especially pleased to award this work to a local company, Technical Systems, Inc.  Since 1970, TSI has been providing quality Control Systems Engineering and Integration Services to a diverse range of industries including Water/Wastewater, wireless SCADA and others throughout the Western United States.

Estimated Construction Cost: $300,000
Consultant: CHS Engineers
Contractor: TSI / Technical Systems, Inc.
Schedule: Bench tests began in the Fall; installation is scheduled to start at the end of January 2013. The project will be completed by the end of March 2013.

CIP #2010-09
Resolution 2012.07.48

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