Our New Maintenance Facility is Done!

After more than 30 years of planning and creative responses to various setbacks… we are beyond excited to begin using our new facility!

“I have built Water Transmission Mains, Supply Stations, Pump Stations, Water Reservoirs, Pressure Release Valve Stations, and an Administration Building during my four decades in the water industry… but this is my very first Maintenance Facility. These do not get built very often, which made this project an even more exciting experience.” – Denny Clouse, North City Water District’s Operations Manager

Back in 1946, when the District was serving a total of 1720 customers, we purchased our very first property at the corner of 15th Avenue NE and 169th Street NE and began operating all of our activities from there.

By 1995, our service area had grown to nearly 8200 customers, and we were no longer able to house everything in one location. We purchased a second property—the old Key Bank building near 15th and 177th NE—and after a bit of remodeling to make it work, moved our administrative operations there.

Meanwhile our maintenance functions stayed behind at the first location, where ever-increasing space and operational constraints prompted us to begin exploring a variety of options for expansion or relocation.

When every available option fell through, it seemed those doors had closed so we could find the perfect solution: a site at 15555 15th Avenue NE—close to our administrative headquarters, and ample for all of our needs, both now and into the future.

After occupying the same facility for more than 75 years, our maintenance crews are beyond thrilled to move into a new state-of-the-art facility—a building that will support far more technical operations than any of us ever foresaw in 1946.

Curious to see what it looks like?

Take a Virtual Walk-Through Inside!

Click here to walk through our new facility!

One of the most unique features of our facility is located on the southwest corner of the site, in the middle of a large grassy area. Designed by LPD Engineering, our new “bioswale” will address stormwater and parking lot run-off with a more natural, environmentally friendly approach. The added benefit? We’ll have enough open land available for a future reservoir as the needs of our community unfold!

Timeline of the New Maintenance Facility