Our New North City Pump Station Gets a New Name

Pump Station Finished Exterior

We are thrilled to report that our new North City Pump Station is live!

Not only is it helping us meet fire flow and water pressure needs throughout our district, it will also help us address the development that will follow the new future light rail stations in our community.

Pump Station plaqueHowever, there was still one last, important step. As of October 2017, we were pleased to give this facility a very special name, in honor of a very special employee.

Introducing the North City/Denny Clouse Pump Station—in honor of one of our most dedicated employees.

During the eleven years since Denny came to us from the Medford Water Commission, he has mentored our staff, and worked hard to improve operations, helping our District become a model of a well-run public utility.
Pump Station DennyIn 2011 he received the George Warren Fuller Award from the Pacific Northwest Section of American Water Works Association.

In recognition and gratitude for all that Denny has done for our District, our Commissioners voted to formally call our newest facility the North City/Denny Clouse Pump Station.