Celebrating the Results of Fix a Leak Challenge 2016

Ms. Peters Meridian Park StudentMs. Peters and one of her Meridian Park Elementary students

What do you get when 916 Shoreline area students (aka Leak Detectives) take the Fix a Leak Challenge? No less than 229 leaky toilets apprehended, er… identified!  🙂

North City Water District has once again partnered with Shoreline area schools for the annual Fix-A-Leak Challenge. Eighty nine awesome teachers agreed to distribute toilet dye strip test kits to their students, along with the challenge to be “Leak Detectives” and test their home toilets for leaks.

Given that toilets are the #1 cause of undetected water leaks and resulting high water bills, these simple tests are a great way to stop money from “going down the drain” for homeowners, businesses, and schools alike.

Student of Ms. Peters at STEM FairEleven Classes with 100% Participation

Special recognition goes out to the following classrooms that had 100% participation, which qualified their class for entry into a drawing for some special prizes:

  • Ms. Ness’s Kindergarten – Kings School
  • Ms. Dunphy’s 1st Grade – Kings School
  • Mr. Blanchard’s 2nd Grade – Echo Lake
  • Ms. White’s 2nd Grade – Kings School
  • Ms. Bachelor’s 2nd Grade – Kings School
  • Ms. Lindbald’s 3rd Grade – Kings School
  • Ms. Peter’s 3rd / 4th Grade – Meridian Park
  • Ms. Benson’s 4th Grade – Brookside
  • Mr. Fujii’s 5th Grade – Kings
  • Ms. Walsh’s 5th Grade – Kings
  • Ms. Lersch’s 5th Grade – St. Mark’s

Fix a Leak Shoreline Ms. Benson Grand Prize Winner 2016

Congratulations to the Winning Classrooms!

On May 14, North City Water District Commissioner Charlotte Haines conducted the drawing during the Shoreline STEM festival. Congratulations to the following winning classrooms:

1st Prize: $500 in school supplies!
Ms. Benson’s 4th Grade at Brookside Elementary

2nd Prize: $300 in school supplies!
Ms. Walsh’s 5th Grade at Kings Elementary

3rd Prize: $100 in school supplies!
Mr. Fujii’s 5th Grade at Kings Elementary

4th Prize: class pizza party!
Ms. Lersch’s 5th Grade at St. Mark’s

5th Prize: class pizza party!
Ms. Ness’s Kindergarten at Kings School

A Big Thank you to All Participants!

North City Water District would like to give a huge round of thanks to each of the following schools who participated in this year’s challenge, including Brookside, Echo Lake, Kings School, Lake Forest Park, Meridian Park, Parkwood, Syre, Shoreline Christian School, St. Luke’s School and St. Mark’s School.

Fix a Leak St Marks Pizza Party