Coordinating with Public Agencies for Two Shoreline Water District Construction Projects

In an ongoing effort to ensure our ratepayers enjoy the highest and best level of water service for the most value, Shoreline Water District is pleased to have worked closely with two public agencies—Washington State’s Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF), and the City of Shoreline—on the following two construction projects:

CIP 30 smWater Main Improvements in Lake Forest Park

Capital Improvement Project (CIP) #30

In February of last year, Shoreline Water District’s Board of Commissioners identified the potential for obtaining a very low 1.5% interest loan from the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF), which helps to fund improvements to public water systems.

The District applied for funding, with the goal of replacing the last of the steel water main (piping) remaining in Shoreline Water District’s system with ductile iron piping–the new industry standard due to its longevity (in excess of 100 years), lack of water leak issues, and certification as a sustainable product by the Institute for Market Transformation to Sustainability.

In April 2012, the State Department of Commerce granted the District’s requested funding, and the engineering design contract was awarded to Murray, Smith and Associates (MSA). In May 2013, the construction portion of the contract was awarded to Earthwork Enterprises, Inc. in the amount of $357,245.00 plus sales tax—an amount that was $130,000 less than the original engineer’s estimate.

When complete by September, this project will replace the last of the remaining 4” steel mains (piping) that have experienced several leaks over the past 6 years with 2,120 feet of 8″ ductile iron main (piping) along NE 185th Street, 29th Avenue NE, NE 187th Street, and 28th Avenue NE, along with the installation of additional fire hydrants.

CIP 4 intersection sm

North Zone Expansion Improvement in Shoreline

Capital Improvement Project (CIP) #4

The main goal of this project was to extend the water main located at 15th Avenue NE and 24th Avenue NE by installing 540 feet of 4” ductile iron main (piping).

Originally, this project was scheduled to be performed as one facet of the North City Pump Station (NCPS) project. However early on in the project’s planning, Shoreline Water District learned of another project already scheduled for this same neighborhood: the City of Shoreline’s 2013 Transportation Overlay Program.

In response, we chose to separate this project from the North City Pump Station (NCPS) project, in order to have its construction completed prior to the start of the City’s road overlay project in late June. By working closely with the City to coordinate the timing and scope of our project, we were able to minimize disruption to the area’s residents while eliminating the cost of a double road overlay.

When the entire project is completed by BHC Consultants in July, this water main extension will improve water pressure for four residences by bringing them from the 590 zone up to the 615 zone.