School Challenge Doubles Water Awareness

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We at Shoreline Water District remain convinced that getting students involved in water conservation at an early age leads not only to greater awareness, but a recognition of the positive impact they can make as individuals throughout their lifetime.

With that in mind, Shoreline Water District and the Saving Water Partnership hosted a contest for K through 8 students in Shoreline and Lake Forest Park for the second year in a row, as part of Fix-A-Leak Week. We provided instructions to all the schools, encouraging teachers to have their students test their home toilets using the “Toilet Leak Detection Kit” that was mailed out to area residents by Saving Water Partnership.

The results of this year’s Challenge were outstanding: nearly all schools increased their participation, plus a couple new schools joined in the Challenge, accounting for doubled overall participation!

King’s Elementary School won the challenge for the 2nd year in a row with an overwhelming 89% of their students participating (a sharp increase from last year’s 44% participation), including 11 individual classrooms with 100% participation. Similar 100% results came from Highland Terrace Elementary with 4 classrooms, and Shoreline Christian with 2 classrooms. The classrooms with the highest percentage of participation will be honored with a special Pizza Party sponsored by Shoreline Water District and the Saving Water Partnership.

Results of Shoreline Water District’s School Challenge:

Participating Schools # Students # Participants % Participation
King’s Elementary 472 418 89%
Shoreline Christian 88 66 75%
Highland Terrace 426 233 55%
Briarcrest 474 138 29%
Parkwood 444 109 25%
Brookside 514 96 19%
Lake Forest Park 534 95 18%
Syre 487 85 17%
Ridgecrest 516 48 9%
Meridian Park 490 7 1%

Shoreline Water District is extremely proud of the students, parents and teachers who took the time to learn more about water conservation through our second annual Challenge, and we look forward to achieving even greater results next year!

Shoreline Water District is a Special Purpose District responsible for providing water in the areas east of I-5 in Shoreline, and in a portion of Lake Forest Park. We are not affiliated with the City of Shoreline. For more information about us, please visit our website at  For more information about Fix-A-Leak Week, please visit