New Meeting Room Available at Shoreline Water District’s Expanded and Renovated Administration Building

Shoreline Water District Community Meeting Room_0942

Final construction touches being added to the new Meeting Room

With the completion of the District’s expanded and renovated Administration Building, our Board of Commissioners is pleased to offer an added benefit to our community: a free of charge meeting room for use by non-profits and other governmental agencies, featuring:

  • Ample capacity: up to 64 people
  • Large meeting table
  • Adjacent public restrooms
  • Able to be reserved on weekdays between 8am and 10pm, when not occupied by other District uses
Shoreline Water District Administration Building July 16

The District’s Administration Building nears completion as of July 2013

In addition to the public meeting room, the building offers a much needed expansion to accommodate the operational needs of our growing service area, long-awaited public restrooms, as well as enhanced energy efficiency, seismic strengthening, and improved security. The parking lot has been expanded to accommodate meeting room usage, and the public’s much-loved drive through window and night drop box will once again be available.

If you’d like to reserve the meeting room, view and download the complete Facility Use Agreement on our website at