Five Facts About Water

Did you know?

Fact #1: Toilets are the #1 cause of undetected water leaks in the home (and resulting high water bills).

Fact #2: The human body is about 75% water, and can only survive 5 to 7 days without it (versus surviving for roughly a month without food).

Fact #3: Every day in the United States, we drink about 110 million gallons of water. This does not count the water used for landscaping, showers, and toilets.

Fact #4: Less than 2% of the earth’s available water supply is fresh water. 97% of it is salt water found in oceans and seas, and 1% of it is frozen.

Fact #5: The cost of water increases every year, due to a variety of factors including ongoing inflation, environmental issues such as protected watersheds and fisheries, and the law of supply and demand.

Water on the earth

How Much Water is on the Earth?

The earth is roughly 8,000 spherical miles in diameter; by contrast, the amount of water on the earth is roughly 860 miles—however much of that is inaccessible groundwater or polar ice caps. The resulting amount of available fresh water on the earth is only 170 miles (the large water drop on the above graphic), plus another 35 miles in rivers and rivers (the smaller water drop).

Get the full details here, from Salish Sea Marine Sanctuary & Coastal Trail: