Project Update: North City Pump Station

Think of it as the “heart” of a water district—helping to move water throughout every pipe and corner of our District—all while maintaining critical water pressure. North City Water District’s new Pump Station “heart” is being constructed very soon!

NorthCity Pump Station HeartOver the past several years, we’ve shared many articles about the improvements taking place at the North City Reservoir site. As of this year, we’re ready to begin the last and most critical project, our new Pump Station.

While we depend primarily on gravity to help us with the movement of water throughout our water system, our pump station is truly the heart of the system—functioning much like a human heart that pumps blood through the body while maintaining adequate pressure.

Back in 2007, preliminary evaluations indicated that a new Pump Station, along with internal upgrades to our 3.7 MG reservoir, could provide enhanced water pressure for the least possible cost—despite having to demolish the old 0.4 MG reservoir to make room for the new Pump Station.

To confirm these findings, we explored 14 design scenarios that the Pump Station would be able to handle (engineering report graphic below, which you can click to enlarge), then completed an “Improvement Grade Efficiency Audit” along with the final design recommendations.

Subsequent efforts on this site’s 9-year long story have entailed everything from wireless carrier lease negotiations (for the wireless antennas on top of the adjacent reservoir), to internal and exterior improvements of the reservoir itself… and now the final stage is set to begin:  construction of the Pump Station.

In April, we selected James W. Fowler Co. general contractors; they will start construction this month, with completion expected spring 2017. Stay tuned for future updates, and feel free to call us if you have questions at 206.362.8100.

Functional Objectives

Project Title:  New North City Pump Station
CIP# 2011-06 Part B
Project Location: North City Neighborhood
Construction Start Date: May 2015
Construction Completion Date:  Estimated Spring 2017
Estimated Construction Cost: approximately $5 million
Consultant:  BHC Consultants
Contractor: James W. Fowler Co.