Water Main Replacement in Lake Forest Park

CIP 30 smThis project involves the replacement of existing undersized steel mains with new 8” ductile iron piping in Lake Forest Park.

Consultant: Murray, Smith and Associates

District’s Estimated Construction Cost: $776,000

Schedule: the project is currently at 90%; we are awaiting input from the State of Washington regarding the design. Construction is anticipated to be completed in late Winter/early Spring 2013

3 responses on “Water Main Replacement in Lake Forest Park

    • The cost of this project involved more than just new pipeline. In addition to approximately 2,120 linear feet of 8-inch ductile iron pipe (which requires not just the piping, but also pipe bedding, trenching / backfill, full slurry seal, surface restoration, and decommissioning the old line), we also installed 6 fire hydrant assemblies, 1 combination air/vac valve assembly, and replaced 48 service connections. The best news is, the cost of this project came in under the original estimate by more than $200k: its final construction cost of $521,763.19 included all of the above scope—from design, permitting, and construction administration, to construction and final inspection.

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