Proactive Emergency Planning Talks Initiated

On February 27, North City Water District organized a joint agency meeting to initiate a discussion about regional emergency planning efforts, as part of the King County Hazard Mitigation Planning effort.

Participants included representatives from Seattle Public Utilities, Ronald Wastewater, Northshore Utility District, Shoreline Fire Department, Northshore Emergency Management Coalition, The Highlands Homeowners Association, the Highlands Sewer District, and the City of Shoreline Sewer Utility, along with individuals from King County’s Office of Emergency Management.

We began the meeting by discussing what each of our agencies are currently doing to address emergency planning, continued the conversation by exploring ways that we could work together to proactively anticipate potential problems, and wrapped up by identifying ways that we could cooperatively address problems that might arise from various emergencies and related hazards.

Over the coming months, each agency will gather input from the public; their information will be synthesize into our ongoing discussions in a follow-up meeting in September. Participation in this regional planning effort will help all of us be eligible for FEMA funding.