Seattle Water Supply Advisory

This morning, in light of historic low river levels, record-setting hot and dry weather, and the resulting increased demand for water, the cities of Seattle, Everett and Tacoma have jointly activated the first phase of their water shortage response plans.

Stages Water Shortage Contingency GraphicSeattle Public Utilities (SPU) operates a regional water supply system that serves Seattle as well as 25 other cities and water districts in King County, including North City Water District (click the below map image to enlarge). This initial “Advisory” phase is considered a precautionary measure to ensure that the entire region is ready for a potential water shortage.

Water Districts Regions Areas Served by Seattle Public UtilitiesSPU continues to deem their water supply outlook “fair and adequate until fall rains typically return.” Activating the first phase of the plan ensures the City takes the needed steps to further maximize its water supply for people and fish, should this unusually hot weather continue. Said Mayor Edward Murray, “We want Seattle and the entire region to be in the best possible shape with water supply when the fall rains return.”

To help residents and businesses carefully manage their water use, the Saving Water Partnership has assembled a handy one-page flyer of practice and purchase tips, which you can view and download by clicking here. For more information visit or call 206-684-SAVE (7283).