Water District Challenges Students in 3rd Annual Fix a Leak Week Contest

This week marks the 3rd Annual Fix a Leak Week Challenge presented by North City Water District to local schools in both Shoreline and Lake Forest Park.  Each student is provided with vegetable-based dye strips which their parents help them use to test their toilets at homes for leaks.  The parents then sign the participation forms and turn them into their teachers.  Classrooms with 100% participation are entered into a drawing for one of the 5 prizes.

This year the prizes are as follows:

1 – Classroom awarded the equivalent to $500 in school supplies.

1 – Classroom awarded the equivalent to $300 in school supplies.

1 – Classroom awarded the equivalent to $100 in school supplies.

2 – Classrooms awarded with a pizza party valued up to $50.

North City Water District believes making students aware of how they can make a difference in water conservation is of utmost importance.  The challenge consists of looking for toilet leaks as that is where the most water is wasted inside homes.  The challenge has been such a growing success over the years that the Washington State Department of Health – Office of Drinking Water has recognized the program on the national level.

The winners of this year’s Fix a Leak Week challenge will be announced at the Shoreline Science Fair and STEM Career Expo hosted at the Shoreline Community College on May 31st, 2014.

If you would like more information about how to detect a leak in your own household, you can visit the North City Water District office located at 1519 NE 177th Street, Shoreline, 98155 to request your own set of dye strips.



For more information about the Fix a Leak Week Challenge, contact:

Jaime Placencia, Executive Assistant

206-362-8100 phone

North City Water District

Shoreline, Washington 98155