Water Extension Agreement with Development Service of America

DSA Public Private Partnership crop Note the patch in the asphalt where the work was performed.

This public/private partnership with Development Service of America entails the installation of ductile iron piping in two locations of the Ridgecrest Neighborhood:

  • 750 feet of 8” and 600 feet of 12” ductile iron pipe located along NE 160th Street between 8th and 10th Avenue NE
  • 200 ft of 8” ductile iron pipe along 155th Street between 5th and 9th Avenue NE

Project Title: Water System Extension Agreement with Development Services of America: Zone 615 Expansion
CIP# n/a
Location: Ridgecrest Neighborhood
Construction Start Date: January 2013
Construction Completion Date: May 2013
Constructon Cost: approximately $455,000
Consultant: Duncanson Company, Inc.
Contractor: B&B Utilities

See also: https://northcitywater.org/new-publicprivate-partnership-and-pressure-zone-for-ridgecrest/

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