New Public/Private Partnership and Pressure Zone for Ridgecrest

Map 615 WEST SWD CIPDuring the update of the 2011 Water System Plan, North City Water District identified eight projects necessary to improve fire flows and water pressures in the Ridgecrest neighborhood.

Given the extent of the work, the District’s Board of Commissioners voted to enter into our first-ever Public/Private Partnership Agreement, with the goal of reducing overall costs to our ratepayers, and completing the projects in eighteen months rather than over the next ten years. (Resolution 2012.05.31)

This Partnership with the landowner of the old Bingo Hall located at the intersection of NE 165th Street and 5th Avenue NE enabled the District to make two water system extensions and create a new “Pressure Zone” under a shared cost arrangement, several years ahead of schedule (all associated site improvements were paid by the partner under Resolution 2012.05.32.)

What is a Pressure Zone?

Water pressure is critical to a water distribution system. Low water pressure may result in an inability to deliver water to customers, while excessive high water pressure may cause premature failure of system facilities including pipelines, pumps and values. By installing a new pressure zone in the Ridgecrest area, all area residents will enjoy higher water pressures.


Public/Private Partnerships Benefit All Ratepayers

This Partnership includes considering an alternative project—providing individual pressure reducing valves at each home on the west side of the Ridgecrest neighborhood, rather than installing these valves in the roadway—because this will provide better pressure control throughout all areas of the Ridgecrest neighborhood.

Forging a partnership between the District and the landowner was a win-win for everyone: fire flows in the Ridgecrest neighborhood were increased ahead of schedule, and the cost to our ratepayers was significantly reduced.

North City Water District staff worked hard to ensure the project went smoothly— distributing information door hangers, meeting with residents, and installing valves at night to minimize disruption. Construction along 160th and 155th Street was strategically completed prior to the City’s road overlay program on 155th Street (which took place in July 2013).

If you have any questions about this or other projects within North City Water District, please contact Diane Pottinger, PE, District Manager at 206.362.8100.

Project Title: Water System Extension Agreement with Development Services of America: Zone 615 Expansion
CIP# n/a
Location: Ridgecrest Neighborhood
Construction Start Date: January 2013
Construction Completion Date: May 2013
Constructon Cost: approximately $455,000
Consultant: Duncanson Company, Inc.
Contractor: B&B Utilities

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