Celebrating the Results of Fix a Leak Week 2013

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Once again, Shoreline Water District issued a challenge to the elementary students in Shoreline and Lake Forest Park, this time partnering with the Saving Water Partnership to sponsor the 2nd Annual Fix a Leak Week Challenge.

Pizzas were aplenty at the celebration honoring the school that achieved the highest percent of participation in this year’s Fix a Leak Week Challenge.  For the second year in a row, King’s Elementary won the challenge with an impressive 89% school-wide participation rate.

The purpose of this challenge was two-fold: to raise youth awareness in water conservation, and to demonstrate ways that students can make a difference in their own home.

Evelyn Huling, Principal for King’s Elementary School, reported how persistent her own granddaughter, a kindergartner at King’s Elementary, was: “Not a day went by that she didn’t ask me if we’d checked our toilets. When we finally did the test, sure enough, our toilet was losing water. I had no idea.”  Thanks to her granddaughter’s ongoing coaxing, the Huling’s performed the necessary repairs. “It was so simple, we had it done in a few minutes.”

Given that toilets are the #1 cause of undetected water leaks, and resulting high water bills in the home, these simple tests are a great way to stop money from “going down the drain” for homeowners, businesses, and schools alike! If you would like information on how you can test your own toilet for a leak, please call Shoreline Water District at (206) 362-8100. Thank you again to all who participated!

Congratulations to the Winners:

We would like to once again extend our congratulations to the students of King’s Elementary School for their winning school-wide participation rate! A hearty applause also goes to all of the and recognize the classrooms that had 100% participation, including:

King’s Elementary School:

  • Ms. Farrell and Ms. Uhrich – Kindergarten
  • Ms. Dunphy, Ms. Haney and Ms Pilman – First Grade
  • Ms. Clum and Ms. White – Second Grade
  • Ms. Bachelor – Third Grade
  • Ms. Wilson  – Fourth Grade
  • Ms. Farquhar, Ms. Severns and Ms. Walsh – Fifth Grade

Highland Terrace Elementary School:

  • Ms. Bailey, Ms. Holmes, Ms. Donovan and Ms. Nordwall’s classes

Shoreline Christian School:

  • 3rd and 4th Grade classrooms

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