Come See the Salmon Migration at Cedar River!

Cedar River Salmon Journey“Salmon are the vehicle through which we tell the story of clean water and healthy habitat.”

Did you know?

Every weekend in October, you can come join volunteer naturalists at five different locations (including four sites right alongside the Cedar River) for a fun, family friendly, and FREE way to see migrating salmon and learn more about their epic journey.

Cedar River tour 1Various types of salmon including Chinook, Coho, and Sockeye have begun making their annual journey from the ocean to the rivers and streams where they were first spawned.  No matter which of the sites you visit—including the Ballard Locks near Seattle, as well as various locations along the river, just off Renton / Maple Valley Highway—you’re sure to see some action. Locations include:

Cedar River tour 2Meanwhile, here are a few ways you can help salmon and the river thrive:

  • Enrich your garden with compost instead of chemical fertilizers.
  • Avoid pesticides. Instead use native plants, rotate your crops, and learn about “friendly” insects.
  • Conserve water in your home and yard. Water infrequently but deeply.
  • Take your car to a commercial car wash that recycles water.
  • Recycle used motor oil and fix oil leaks. Drive less.
  • Dispose of pet waste properly and fence larger animals away from streams.
  • Sweep your sidewalks and driveway instead of hosing them down.
  • Plant a tree and/or build a rain garden—both help control and clean water runoff.

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