North City Reservoir Provides Excellent Fire Fighter Training

While most of us were cozy inside during last Friday’s chilly morning weather, North City Water District Commissioners Patricia Hale, Ron Ricker, and Charlotte Haines were outside, watching in fascination as members from local fire departments used our reservoir for a rescue training exercise.

Chief Chris Bailey (far right) from the Kirkland Fire Department discusses the training activities with our commissioners Charlotte Haines (far left), Ron Ricker (middle), and Patricia Hale (standing next to Chris).

Students conducting rescue training exercises using North City Water District’s 3.7 MG reservoir

Close-up of students conducting training, using a rescue manikin harnessed into a sled

No less than 25 students and 6 trainers spent the afternoon climbing up and repelling a sled-harnessed rescue manikin back down our 100’ 3.7 million-gallon water reservoir—mimicking a situation that could easily occur in a high rise structure when a victim is unable to walk on their own.

This class was just one portion of a 40 hour, multi-day training effort, providing first-hand practical rescue experience.

Participants came from Fire Departments that own the type of equipment necessary for large scale rescue—including in Zone 1’s Shoreline, Northshore, and Kirkland, and Zone 3’s Renton Fire Department, King County Fire District #2, Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority, South King County Fire and Rescue, Port of Seattle, and Valley Regional Fire Authority.

Conducting cross-department training not only helps everyone become better prepared for various emergency situations, it ensures consistent procedures and commands for potential joint-response emergencies that they may encounter in the future.

We at North City Water District were proud to offer our reservoir for such an unexpected yet valuable cause!