North City Water District Helps Firefighters Stay in Practice

We love collaborating with our local government agencies! Last Wednesday, Shoreline Fire Department began conducting training exercises with other regional fire departments on the site of our future new Maintenance Facility.

From May 2 through June 6, fire department staff from Redmond, Kirkland, Woodinville, Bothell, Northshore, Mercer Island and Eastside Fire and Rescue will be coming to this site to practice and hone their skills, including commercial fire tactics, and transition into rescue of a down-firefighter, all while using smoke machines to make the environment more realistic.

“This has been extremely beneficial in providing unique training opportunities to our department as well as our regional partners,” said Eric Monroe, Battalion Chief of Training at Shoreline Fire Department.

We’ll let the photos speak for themselves… with one note of reassurance: the smoke you see in these photos is “Hollywood” smoke, not the real thing. 🙂

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