Project Spotlight: Ridgecrest Neighborhood’s Pressure Reducing Valves

In anticipation of the North City Pump Station project’s completion in the Fall of 2015, North City Water District is currently installing additional individual Pressure Reducing Valves (PRVs) for residences within the Ridgecrest neighborhood.

Last year your District worked closely with Development Services of America to share in the installation cost of 168 PRVs—at a significant savings to our ratepayers and significantly ahead of schedule: eighteen months rather than over the next ten years. (Resolution 2012.05.31)

This winter, an additional 132 PRVs are being installed in residences throughout this neighborhood. At this point in time, those who receive these new valves will see no impact, however these PRVs will be instrumental in helping to maintain appropriate water pressure once the new North City Pump Station comes on line!

How Are PRVs Installed?

We begin by using a Vactor truck to excavate the soil adjacent to the existing water meter…

Ridgecrest Neighborhood Water Pressure System North City Water District_2276

…after which we install the Pressure Release Valve directly onto the line leading to the meter:

Ridgecrest Shoreline Water Pressure System North City Water District_2276

We then test the water pressure at the house to ensure it’s functioning properly, and backfill the excavated area. Installation complete!

What Does a PRV Do?

Water pressure is critical to a properly functioning water distribution system. Low water pressure may result in an inability to deliver water to customers, while excessive / high water pressure may cause premature failure of system facilities including pipelines, pumps and valves.

By installing these PRVs, we’re able to better control the water pressure within a specific pressure zone, which ensures adequate water flow and optimum pressure throughout our water system’s facilities.

Project Title: Individual Pressure Reducing Valve Installation (615 PZ West)
CIP# 2013-02
Location: Ridgecrest Neighborhood
Construction Start Date: Spring 2015
Construction Completion Date: August 2015
Construction Cost: $129,470
Consultant: in-house
Contractor:  Gary Harper Construction, Inc.

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