Welcoming Max Woody, Our New Director of Operations and Engineering

North City Water District is pleased to announce our new Director of Operations and Engineering, Max Woody!

Last summer, in preparation for our long-time Operations Manager Denny Clouse’s impending retirement, we began conducting a national search for his replacement. We received a number of very well-qualified applications, most from out of state, and one application from a little closer to home: a gentleman by the name of Max Woody in southern Oregon.

Max was extremely well-qualified, from his depth of experience as Public Works Operations Managers for the Cities of Jacksonville and Central Point, Oregon, to his background in water infrastructure construction and crew management.

Even his educational background in local and state government was a bonus: giving him the perspective for interfacing with public agencies and state legislators… something that we at the District have made a point to maintain over the years.

But when we found out he and Denny had been water industry colleagues and friends for years, we knew Max was the right one for the job.

“I wasn’t really looking for work when I saw Denny was retiring,” said Max. “He always spoke very highly of North City Water District, so I did some research and really liked what I saw, read and heard.”

When he’s not on the job, Max loves being outdoors hunting, fishing and “attempting to golf.” He and his family enjoy an annual tradition of rafting the Rogue River in southern Oregon every summer.

On January 4, 2022, our staff and Board of Commissioners honored and gave thanks to Denny for his fifteen years of outstanding dedication and service to our District. We look very forward to having Max on our team, and know that his friendship with Denny will ensure wonderful continuity.