Honoring Two Long-Time Staff Members

Please join us in celebrating two of our longest-term employees: Bob Heivilin and Mike Oberstadt. We are so grateful for their 30+ years of ongoing dedication and service to the customers of North City Water District!

Bob Heivilin

Bob’s first job with the District was reading water meters… back in the day when it took two people, rather than today’s time-saving electronic meters.

He was soon cross-trained in most of the operational jobs around the District, he even built our first website—which is what he loves best about working for a smaller utility: the ability to understand and work on all aspects of water through a variety of different tasks.

These days Bob tends to focus on water quality monitoring, as well as cross-connection control. He’s especially proud of having designed, built, and installed water filling stations for emergency preparedness. On the weekends, he loves spending time with his family, and volunteering with his church youth group.

Says Bob, “A career at a water utility allows you plenty of room to grow. You can specialize in one area, or become knowledgeable in many areas. These days it feels good to be an essential service to my community.”

Mike Oberstadt

Mike is currently the Operations Lead, having done everything from meter reading and installation, to maintenance on core system facilities, and even customer service.

Every week is something new: he might be obtaining permits, coordinating scheduling, and training personnel, or providing customer service, water line locations, and other field work. He especially loves being able to teach employees and customers about the water system, using experience and visual aids rather than just words.

When he’s not on the job, Mike enjoys doing hands-on repair projects around the house, some woodworking, and HAM radio. He especially loves being in the mountains or on the water sailing.

His advice to people considering a water career? “It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a job or a career. A water utility can be both of those things. Just be sure to bring a change of clothes, because you will get wet now and then.”