One-Day Closure for Emergency Training

On Wednesday, February 26, North City Water District’s main administrative headquarters will be closed while our staff and Board of Commissioners attend all-day ICS training.

Incident Command System (ICS) training is a component of the National Incident Management System — a comprehensive, national approach that helps public agencies like ours be better prepared to handle a natural disaster, through the use of standardized terminology, equipment, and organizational structures.

By helping us communicate with and plan for interactions with other agencies in emergency situations, this training helps us do what we do best: ensure safe, reliable water supply in the event of an emergency.

In our case, emergencies can range from a localized event such as a broken water main (which occur due to varying causes, including soil and construction conditions when the pipe was installed, shifts in the surrounding soils, temperature fluctuations, and the age of the pipe itself), to larger scale natural disasters such as a potential earthquake, often referred to in regional planning efforts as the “Cascadia event” in our area.

Other NCWD Emergency Preparedness Efforts To Date

In addition to ICS training, we’ve also…

  • Joined ShakeAlert (the early warning system developed by the U.S. Geological Survey);
  • Installed earthquake valves at both of our water reservoirs that will close automatically to prevent water loss in the event of significant earth movement;
  • Installed backup generators at both our main North City/Denny Clouse Pump Station and our Administrative Headquarters;
  • Constructed emergency water filling stations at our reservoirs (shown below); and
  • Held several multi-agency meetings to help our staff be prepared to communicate and participate in a coordinated emergency response with other agencies.

We’ve also asked our ratepayers to contact us if you would like us to add your emergency contact information to your account, which we would use strictly in the event of an emergency for announcement purposes, In addition to announcements on our website, Facebook, and

Feel free to email us at, or give us a call at 206.362.8100 to learn more and/or provide us with your emergency contact info.