Request for Qualifications for a New Maintenance Facility

North City Water District
Request for Qualifications (RFQ)

Project: North City Water District Maintenance Facility
Due Date: Submit no later than 4:00 pm on October 7, 2016

North City Water District is requesting a Statement of Qualifications (RFQ) from individuals or firms interested in providing architectural design, engineering, and related services for the design and construction of a new Maintenance Facility located at 15555 15th Avenue NE in Shoreline, Washington.


North City Water District is a medium sized Water District serving portions of the Cities of Lake Forest Park and Shoreline encompassing approximately 25,000 residents. This new maintenance facility will house all of the District’s construction and maintenance equipment, parts, supplies and materials storage. Roughly seven or eight of our fourteen full time staff will be located at this new maintenance facility, the remaining staff will continue to operate at our main Administrative Offices located at 1519 NE 177th Street.

The project site is made up of 10 parcels for a total of 3.2 acres. The site has been used as a church facility for nearly 50 years and is located within a residential neighborhood, across the street from Fircrest School.

The site currently includes four structures: 1) a 16,000 sq ft two story wood building; 2) two single family residences; 3) one permanent residence that has been used as an office; and 4) the other temporary structure has been used as a classroom and a single car garage.

Prior to purchasing the property in February 2014, the District submitted applications for a new structure on the property but received an Administrative Order (AO) that said it did not meet the city code. A special use permit was issued in February 2014 for repurposing the existing two story wood structure. The City of Shoreline has changed its code and now we would like to consider a new, more efficient structure.

For the purpose of developing a submittal, individuals or firms should consider the site a “blank slate,” as the District is seeking the most efficient site layout, rather than requiring existing structures or appurtenances to be retained in the new design. The repurposing and relocating of useful materials is encouraged.

Scope of Work

The selected individual(s) or firm(s) will provide architectural and engineering services necessary to provide complete project delivery services including space planning, design, construction, and inspection, and testing services for the North City Maintenance Facility. Submittals shall address the respondent’s ability to provide the various required services. The following shows the phases anticipated for the project.

Phase 1 – Review, Design through Award

Review existing draft space needs study, existing special use permit and City Code. Complete design drawings at 30%, 60% and 90% complete with cost estimates. A minimum of two presentations will be required to the Board of Commissioners and participation in at least one neighborhood meeting. Proposed project may require a new Special Use Permit. Final architectural design and engineering drawings, prepare project specifications, coordinate all necessary permits, prepare any mitigation plans (if required), and perform project bidding, assistance during construction and preparation of as-builts.

Phase 2 – Services during Construction

Assist as required in construction management, inspection, material testing, system testing, facility O&M training, and warranty compliance.

The following required project elements shall be incorporated in the design and construction of the new facility for all phases:

  • Crew facilities
  • Employee and limited visitor parking
  • Office space
  • Inside heated equipment storage, work/shop and vehicle storage areas
  • Seismic design standard
  • Decant station
  • Emergency generator
  • Covered vehicle and equipment wash area
  • Covered material storage
  • Secure fencing with cameras and lighting
  • Maximize above ground stormwater facilities
  • Site landscaping

Project Budget

The District anticipates the consultant will assist in the development of the project budget.

Submittal Requirements

Applicants are requested to submit 4 bound copies to the District offices at 1519 NE 177th Street by 4:00 pm on October 7, 2016.

Proposals should not be more than 20 pages in total and should include the firm’s experience, project approach, and what is unique about your firm/team for this project.

The following questions should be addressed as part of the submittals:

  1. Representative Projects – list fours projects completed by your firm within the last 6 years that best represent a similar scope, budget and program similar to this RFQ. Provide the name, phone number and email address to an owner of each project.
  2. Project Approach – Describe the project approach your firm used for the projects identified above. How will this project be similar or different to these projects?
  3. Project Schedule and Budget – How did these projects meet the original project schedule and budget? If they deviated from either, please explain why.
  4. Design Team – identify the key members of the project team you expect to use this work, including subconsultants. List the projects and their role in other example projects.
  5. Time availability for project – Identify what portion of the lead firm’s work load this project would represent for the firm’s current work load.
  6. Has your firm:

a:  ever been a party to any legal litigation or arbitration?
b:  filed for bankruptcy or foreclosure?

Selection Process

The RFQ proposals submitted will be scored based on the following points standard:

Criteria Maximum Points
Representative Projects 25
Project Approach 40
Project Schedule and Budget 20
Design Team 10
Time Availability 5
Maximum Total Points 100

Estimated Project Schedule/Deliverables

September 6 Approval by the Board to begin process
September 8 Advertise in the DJC
October 7 Submittals due
October 14 District Review Committee to go over submittals and narrow down to four finalists
October 18 Recommend four finalists to the Board
November 8 Interviews and Special Board meeting
November 15 District Review Committee recommends Project Team to the Board
November–December Finalize negotiated contract
January–August 2017 Design 30%, 60%, 90%, obtain permits, go out for bid and award construction contract. If new construction is the preferred alternative, it will require a new Special Use Permit.
September 2017 Construction begins

Questions Asked and Answered

The questions asked and answered was asked by potential proposers.

Further Information

Questions about this proposal may be addressed to Diane Pottinger, PE, District Manager.