The Cost of New Development in Our Area

New development requires new utility connections, including water service. How do we cover the cost of all these new water connections while keeping your rates affordable?

When a new property is connected to the District’s water system, the Fire Department first identifies how much water is required to provide adequate fire flow. Shortly after, our staff works with the developer to review all details of the proposed project to see what needs to be done from a connection standpoint.

In some cases, the developer can simply connect to our existing water system after they pay a connection charge. In other cases, they may need to make improvements to the existing system to ensure fire flow is adequate for the new development.

Sometimes, we’re able to negotiate public/private partnerships for developer extension agreements that benefit the entire water system. When this happens, they construct the improvements using the same set of standards we follow on our own projects.

The map included below depicts all of the developments that included water system improvements as part of a developer’s overall development budget; a list of each project follows the map:

  • Completed: Sunrise 11: 60 unit apartment complex: 20015 Ballinger Way NE
  • Completed: Ardsley Homes: 6 single family residences: 2355 NE 150th Street
  • Completed: Ballinger Heated Storage Partners: commercial space: 20029 19th Avenue NE
  • Completed: GRE 205th LLC: 72 unit apartment complex: 1795 NE 205th Street
  • Completed: LaBosierre Short Plat: 4 single family residences: 3035 NE 195th Street
  • Completed: Provail: commercial space on 1548 NE 175th Street
  • Ongoing: Evergreen Pt. Redmond: 122 unit apartment complex: 17563 15th Avenue NE
  • Ongoing: Sound Transit Early Work: 1st Ave NE and NE 174th Street, and 1st Avenue NE, between NE 159th and 161st Streets
  • Ongoing: Shoreline Developmt. Co: 243 unit apartment complex: 17233 15th Avenue NE
  • Ongoing: Buddha Jewel Monastery: 17418 8th Ave. NE
  • Ongoing: Arabella Apartments: 81 unit apartments: 1221 NE 180th Street
  • Ongoing: Shoreline Fire District New Station: 1410 NE 180th Street
  • Ongoing: North City Elementary School: 816 NE 190th Street
  • Ongoing: Aldercrest Campus: 2800 NE 200th Street
  • Ongoing: Kellogg Middle School: 16045 25th Avenue NE
  • Ongoing: Flatstick: 6 single family residences: 1003 NE 185th Street