Irrigation System Tune Up

When is the last time you checked the irrigation system for your home, business, or school’s sports field? Next to a leaky toilet, an irrigation system is often the #1 culprit in high water bills.

irrigation rotor 2
With summer’s heat in full swing, you can dramatically reduce your water bills by taking the time to tune up your irrigation system:

irrigation spray 2 system shoreline lake forest parkSpray-Type Sprinklers

  1. Remove the nozzle from each head and clean the screen with an old toothbrush.
  2. Turn on the sprinklers and look for partially blocked nozzles. If the fan-shaped spray of water is not even and uniform, a grain of sand is likely stuck in the nozzle. Use a plastic or wood tool (like a toothpick) rather than a metal knife blade, because nozzles are easy to scratch, and scratches can ruin the spray pattern. Even better, replace the nozzle.
  3. Using the adjustment screw on top of each nozzle, adjust the water direction. If the heads are creating a lot of mist, turn the screw clockwise. After adjusting, make sure the spray still goes all the way to the next sprinkler.

Irrigation rotor 3 system lake forest park shorelineRotor / Rotator-Type Sprinklers

  1. Turn on each valve, one at a time, and carefully inspect your irrigation system. Look for wet spots that could indicate a leaking irrigation pipe. Repair any leaks.
  2. Replace the controller battery.
  3. Straighten any sprinkler heads that are leaning to the side (leaning heads create dry spots and waste water).
  4. Replace any broken or malfunctioning sprinklers with the same brand and model as the other sprinklers on the same valve circuit; note: most manufacturers use different flow rates in their sprinkler heads so it’s important to get the same brand and model.

fix irrigation system adjust shoreline lake forest parkFor a helpful, in-depth explanation of all irrigation systems and detailed steps for proper tune-up, visit this website >